We are Oliehoorn

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We are a Dutch family business. We make our own choices.

Choose the finest sauces with the ultimate taste experience. Made with love. With patience. With passion and pride.
This is what makes Oliehoorn different. Original and unique. Famous among connoisseurs around the world!

Artisans. Workaholics. Sauce freaks!

Fully committed to our work. With the focus on flavours. With ingredients sourced from as close to home as possible. Prepared from our favourite local recipes. This helped us create our best known and most loved iconic sauces.

Oliehoorn, a well-established manufacturer of Curried Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Frites Sauce and Ketchup.

It’s all happening in Hoorn. In our own factory.

The Test Kitchen with our very own sauceologists. Small-scale. Well-organised. Allows us to ensure the highest possible quality. We do not compromise. Not on taste, Not on preparation. Never! We just make it more delicious. It’s a real treat to the senses.

Our sauces offer a real taste experience!