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Our objectives


Our ambition? To be the most sustainable sauce manufacturer in the Netherlands. Oliehoorn stands for artisanal. We make the tastiest sauces with love, patience, passion and pride. As a family business we are always focused on the long term, so we prepare sauces in a way that is good for people, animals and the environment. We make this concrete with our five focus areas; Energy, Packaging, Raw Materials, Waste and residual streams & Good Employer. So we know what we have to do, and you can hold us to it.
Together we go for better. Every day. With a smile.

Oliehoorn_durable_Solar panels


To make the tastiest sauces, we need energy. We have already taken sustainability steps in this regard with the use of green electricity generated 100% from Dutch wind energy.
Oliehoorn calculated its footprint for the first time this year, according to the standards of the Green House Gas Protocol. This baseline measurement shows how we can improve even more in the future. For example, together with our transport partner, Simon Loos, we are looking at the possibility of more sustainable alternatives such as HVO (synthetic diesel) and want to opt for a more sustainable steam boiler for new production lines.

900ml line2


2024 is the year! Our packaging is necessary to get our sauces fresh and full of flavor to your table, but it also has an impact on the environment. In recent years, our packaging has already undergone a major change. For example, for the squeeze bottle, we changed the bottle to sustainable material and also replaced our original cap for a sustainable twist-off cap variant. That meant a lot of testing and improving. Because at Oliehoorn , the taste and quality of our sauce are paramount. Without the right packaging, we can't guarantee that. Fortunately, all that work was not without success! Our squeeze bottles are now almost completely recyclable and in the year 2023 we will even go for a 100% recyclable squeeze bottle!

collage packaging2

Another big step is the introduction of "cruzers. These can be seen as mobile 300-liter containers that we can clean and reuse. That saves a lot of packaging! Oliehoorn also has a partnership with Pieter Pot; our vegan mayonnaise is delivered in reusable 0.5-liter jars that are cleaned after use. Thus, each jar is reused over 40 times. And that's not all; we are switching to 100% recyclable sachets this year, we want to reduce the percentage of packaging material per kg of product sold and contribute to a return system for bulk packaging so that it can be effectively reused.

Green Certified Partner

Raw materials

We feel responsible for the entire chain from the farmer to the plate. At Oliehoorn , we want to play an important role in improving conditions throughout the chain. In addition, Oliehoorn works with a "Green Partner certificate. By scoring on the right parts, suppliers can be awarded this certificate. In this way we make each other stronger and contribute to a more sustainable world.
This year, we want to go one step further by purchasing raw materials locally to reduce our transport movements and by researching alternatives for high-risk raw materials such as xanthan gum, palm oil and soybean oil.


Waste & Residual streams

You know the drill; there is always some sauce left in the pan or stuck to the spoon. It's no different with us. A shame, of course. That's why we take a critical look at how much waste we produce, where we spill sauce and work to reduce waste and residue. This way, professionals can already ensure that not a drop is wasted with our sauce step.


During the production process we cannot avoid producing waste, but we try to reduce it as much as possible. For example, we have set up our machines in such a way that exact portions can be dosed for our bottles and buckets, and we can also set how much sauce we need for an order. Handy isn't it? Still, some leftover sauce arises that we cannot avoid for our quality guarantee. Did you know that our sauce leftovers are not thrown away, but go to a pig farm? Here this sauce is incorporated into the feed and in this way our sauce gets a new purpose. In the new year, Oliehoorn aims to produce even less waste, partly by taking a critical look at the technical possibilities for making the cleaning process more efficient and maintaining a waste and residual flow of no more than 4%.


Good employer

At Oliehoorn , we stand for our people. We work with passion, enthusiasm and fun to grow. We believe it is important that our employees can challenge and develop themselves, and we provide the means to do so. For example, Oliehoorn offers its employees training to broaden the necessary knowledge, every week there is a basket of fresh fruit in our canteens for a responsible snack, we offer training to stop smoking and we have started the Fitter Up program where employees are literally and figuratively challenged to go the extra mile. With a work atmosphere score of 7.1 and involvement score of 79.7% from the employee satisfaction survey, we are doing well, but this year we are going for even better!

Want to know more? Check out our Green booklet.