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Oliehoorn’s stainless-steel sauce dispensers are easy to operate and use. They allow you to accurately adjust the size of the portion dispensed.

The stainless-steel material can be cleaned in the dishwasher and offers a long lifespan.

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Clean Label mayonnaise 70%, the perfect base for every cuisine!

Our Clean Label mayonnaise 70% has a delicious full-bodied flavour. It is creamy with a hint of acidity. This mayonnaise is gluten free and does not contain any artificial aromatic substances or colourings and flavourings. Containing 70% vegetable oil, this Clean Label mayonnaise is the perfect base for any cuisine, to which you can easily add any ingredient you like. We are proud of this genuine mayonnaise with only natural ingredients. Undeniably, a typical Oliehoorn sauce. It’s a real treat tot he senses! Join the Oliehoorn Clean Label (free) and receive regular interesting creations from fellow chefs!

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