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Our sauceologist tells!

This is the difference between french fry sauce and mayonnaise

Are you team mayonnaise or do you go for french fries sauce? In our country, opinions vary enormously. We asked our sauceologist Erwin - the guardian of the quality of our products - to give you the redeeming word: this is the real difference between fritesauce and mayonnaise!


Difference in oil percentage 

The biggest difference of all is the percentage in oil. By law in the Netherlands, mayonnaise must consist of at least 70 percent oil and 5 percent egg yolk. French fries sauce does not have to meet this requirement and often contains between 20 and 25 percent oil. As a result, you can also make it with considerably less egg yolk. This provides a change in taste én texture.

Difference in taste and texture

The difference in oil percentage is obvious. But how do you taste it? What makes the taste different? In mayonnaise, the taste is quite creamier than in chipotle sauce. You taste that and a échte sauce freak sees this with the naked eye. The color of mayonnaise is deeper and the creaminess clearly visible in the texture. Where one person likes this creaminess, another is looking for a fresher or spicier alternative. Because tastes differ!

That's why our sausologists search every day for solutions to the preferences of our (future) fans. For example, with our vegan mayonnaise (70%) animal-friendly sauce users happy and our characterful, local heroes Brander- and Zeedijk-mayonnaise beloved throughout the country. And the chipotle sauce? Its fresh taste lends itself perfectly to a dressing, as a sauce with your fries or as a condiment on your sandwich.

Mayo, a sauce with history

Mayonnaise has a rich and eventful history. As a result, there are quite a few disagreements about the origins of the sauce. Is it the French, who have been showing off the goodness for years, or are its roots in Spain after all?

We briefly take you back in time. Back in the first century AD, a Roman politician described a mixture that was quite similar to mayonnaise as we know it today. He called the mixture of egg and oil "aioli. So, the ancient Romans brought us mayonnaise? According to some sources, no, because in 1756 the battle for honor continued. That's when a French war fleet docked in Menorca, Spain, after a successful battle against British establishments. A banquet followed, during which experiments were made with limited ingredients. From this experimentation emerged "mahonesa.

So. French, Spanish or Romanesque after all? All claim the origin of the sauce, but it is the French who introduced mayonnaise to haute cuisine and made the sauce conquer the world. Merci! 

Oliehoorn French fries sauce

French fries sauce, an archetypal Dutch production

French fries sauce, compared to mayonnaise, is only just around the corner. About fifty years ago, we Dutch thought it was time for an alternative to creamy mayo. After all, oil is very expensive and therefore not accessible to everyone. A few bright minds lowered the oil and egg yolk content and partially replaced it with water. To guard the creamy texture, starch turned out to be the solution. Within no time it was impossible to imagine our low countries without french fries, and since then it has always been served with - how could it be otherwise - French fries! Nowadays, all you have to do at the snack bar is say the words "fries with" and the cafeteria owner knows exactly what you're in the mood for. 


Why Oliehoorn really is the tastiest

Okay, fair is fair. We are a tad biased. Whether Oliehoorn is really the best? "That remains a matter of taste," replies sausologist Erwin objectively as always. But he does reveal what the sauces of Oliehoorn sauces are so special: "They are sweeter, fuller and creamier than the others and we use good quality ingredients." Not to mention the artisanal recipe. Plus the fact that our sauces are made with love, patience, passion and pride. You see that, you smell that, you feel that and you taste that in every bite. That makes all the difference in the taste experience with both our fries sauce and mayonnaises!

Need inspiration? Here you will find several receptions with mayonnaise and chipotle sauce in the lead role!

Taste it for yourself!