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40 years of passion for sauces

We are Oliehoorn

Since 1981. And we are always there. With the most delicious sauces. At home on the table. At the barbecue. In a restaurant, the snack bar or at an event. Oliehoorn is always there to finish it off. To make it complete. To make it tastier. To make the taste experience top notch!

Oliehoorn sauologists
Our story

We are artisans.

We choose the finest sauces with the most delicious taste experience. Made with love. With patience. With passion and pride. We do that together with our own sauceologists. That is what makes Oliehoorn different. Distinctive and unique.


Making Sauce

We do that in Hoorn. In our own factory

Small scale. Uncluttered. So that we can ensure maximum quality assurance. We make it tastier. You can taste that. You can smell that. You see that. You feel that. Our sauces are a real taste experience! Wondering how we produce our sauces in a sustainable way? Check out our sustainability page.


We are a Dutch family business

Always working on our craft. Always working on taste. With the best ingredients and the tastiest local recipes. This is how we arrive at our well-known and beloved sauces. An established name in French fries sauce, curry, mayonnaise and ketchup.

Our history